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Having structured bookkeeping and record keeping system is essential for the success of every business enterprise, yet many small businesses and entrepreneurs struggle to keep up to date with their record keeping.

We are experts in bookkeeping – leave this task to us so you can focus on building your business.

Why hire a bookkeeper/ payroll specialist

  1. Keep your focus on core business needs Every business needs the attention of its chief executive, especially in the early years.
    That means that, as that founder, your time should be devoted to strategy, marketing, funding and other key areas that require your focus over the daily operational tasks of a business.
  2. Stay out of what you don’t really know or enjoy Few founders have backgrounds in finance or even a working knowledge of bookkeeping, payroll and taxes. It is more efficient to hire a professional who took courses and was certified in these areas.
  3. Create a work, family life balance The challenge of running a successful business can cause stress on family life.
    Delegating book keeping/ payroll to a professional will relieve you of another responsibility, enabling work – life balance every person needs .
  4. Get a professional perspective on the business A good bookkeeper can create monthly reports showing how your company is performing in comparison to budget and enable you to spot weaknesses in your finances.
  5. Make sure everything is paid on time A good bookkeeping system will keep track of accounts payable to ensure that all invoices are paid on time so your credit won’t be impacted by late or forgotten payments.
  6. Ensure correct tax filings and payroll deductions There are numerous payroll deductions & remittances that need to be properly calculated and paid on time. In addition, annual information slips need to be prepared for each employee. These mundane , yet critical tasks, should be delegated to a professional.
  7. Maintain positive cash flow A good bookkeeper will prepare accounts receivable reports which can highlight customers who are taking too long to pay; hence ensuring your business maintains a healthy and positive cash flow.

Our Tax and Accounting Services Include

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